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The Great Beasts of Osaaru

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Name:The Great Beastly Mods
Will You Heed the Call?
Dragon Called is a panfandom Fantasy/Adventure game with heavy emphasis on exploration and character development.

Under the watchful eyes of the Great Beasts of Osaaru, your character will hatch, tame and raise a dragon with which they will share magical abilities and an empathic link. Outside the main setting of the city of Nuren, your character can explore a vast open world. They can fight or study magical creatures, develop their newfound magical abilities, take on quests and missions, and help rebuild the balance of magic throughout the land.
Welcome to Osaaru
The land of Osaaru is in dire need of magic. A war, centuries in its past, plunged the land into turmoil and imbalance. The war left Osaaru in disarray, with its creatures growing wilder and its humanoid races grew more cautious and distanced. The five Great Beasts who watch over the world and keep the balance of magic can hold the scales in place no longer. They need your help. It is for this purpose that Benra has resurrected you to be a Scion of the Great Beasts. With your help and the magic growing within you, Osaaru can begin to grow and thrive once more.

The city of Nuren is home to the last of the races who still have faith in the Great Beasts. They will be your allies, your guides, and your friends. But before you can learn more of this world, before you can discover this new land, you must answer the call within you. The call of the dragon who now shares your soul.

Deep within the heart of the mountainous city of Nuren lies an egg, waiting for you and pulling you toward it with a call that starts from the deepest parts of your mind to the tips of your furthest extremities. Answer the call, and begin a journey like nothing your old world could have prepared you for.
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